Saturday, 18 February 2012

First tutorial! - Shooting star manicure :)

Hey dolls!

When i started blogging i wanted to do tutorials but never got round to it and ended up doing hauls. This tutorial is a shooting star nail look that i created last weekend when i was spending some time on my nails, i had loads of people comment about them so i thought i would share :)

So the products and tools you'll need for this look are- (you can use other brands but these are the ones i used in this tutorial)
  • No7 So smooth base coat
  • No7 Stay perfect in Minty Fresh (light baby blue)
  • No7 Stay perfect in Sing the blues (Dark slightly metallic blue)
  • Seche Vite clear topcoat
  • Collection 2000 silver glitter eyeliner
  • Perfect 10 nailart stickers- stars
  • long thin nail art brush
Lets begin :)

Step 1: starting with clean, filed nails apply a base coat, here i used No7 So smooth but any will do.

 Step 2: Next apply two coats of No7's Sing the blues polish and allow to dry.

  Step 3: Using the thin nail art brush start at one of the lower corners of the nail and paint three slightly curved lines that taper off. These must all start from the same place the create the stars trail.

 Step 4: Using the Silver glitter liner start from the same lower corner as before and create 2 lines that go between the three you've already created, it doesn't matter if they aren't perfect lines as a more disbursed glitter line will make it look more like a cosmic trail :)

Step 5: Once the glitter is dry apply a thin layer of clear gloss this will lock the gloss into place. My advice wuld be to keep an eye on your brush as you may need to wipe any glitter that may transfer on to it. The last thing you need is to contaminate your clear gloss with glitter.

 Step 6: Once dry you can apply the star stickers at the lower corner where your lines start- make sure all corners are stuck down on to the nail.

Step 7: Apply a clear gloss top coat to seal in the sticker and give the nail a glossy finish.

  Step 8: Sit back and admire your super pretty shooting star nails.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

Love Jo x x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Dolls!
I'm sure as the clock struck the beginning of the new year you all made resolutions that you hope to keep the whole year through. Well i'm no different so here are a few i have made and hope to keep.
  1. To Blog more often, i think about this blog alot and i want to make a success of it but to do this i need to invest more time blogging.
  2. Buy less. I can't promise to not spend but i realise i spend way too much money on cosmetics and this has to change.
  3. Use what i have. I'm hoping to do tutorials and Face of the day (when i find my camera!) 
  4. Go to the gym everyday and lose weight! (i think this features in everyones resolutions in some form or another!)

Love Jo x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My five things

So i've been busy doing other things but i've still thought about the blog and where i want to take it so here is a new feature i want to introduce 'my five things' i know some blogs have a favourites of the month but i see this as more of a weekly post of 'the most reached for' items of the week but i will also sum up at the end of the month the hero's and villians of the month.

So here goes the first of my five things!

So it may be a shock to some but i don't usually wear alot of makeup to work usually just mascara, blush and i little bit of gloss or lipstick. But recently i've been using Makeup Academys Pressed powder (£1,Superdrug) in shade 1. I've used it so much i actually hit pan this morning! I like this because the base colour is a pink tone which matches my skin well and most powders have a yellow base and it makes me look like i belong to the simpsons family, which is not the look i'm into. I also use this to set foundation or over tinted moisturizer after it's soaked in, just to take the shine off. Also for a quid you can't go wrong i always have this compact in my bag just incase i get shiney in the day time.

The second most reached for this week (and for the past few weeks now) is a mechanical eyelash curler from primark which was also £1 but it's really great and it also comes with extra rubber thingies ( i'm sure thats the real name for them) so it will last forever if looked after right. I find this so easy to use, curls my lashes amazingly and it's such a bargain.

Then i've also been using the BeautyUK Palette number 4 which is a neautral colour palette very natural browns, creams and metallics i've been using the cream as a base on the lid then adding a wash of the bronze over the top then using the deep brown in the crease line and the last outer quarter of the lid then blend it towards the inner lid. I am loving a more natural look right now and could use my Urban decay naked pallet but then why use something expensive when i'm only going to work? :)

Taken from

Ive also loved using the new Garnier BB Cream in light as it makes my skin look and feel so amazing, and it smells great too. It's like a tinted moisturiser but it's not as yellow as Benefit's. I'm so in love with this product right now!

Taken from
 and last but not least i have been using Volume Million Lashes i really love how this mascara makes my lashes look amazing! All separated and coated lashes give the appearance of volume!

So i hope you have enjoyed this quick post i won't leave such a huge gap in between posts next time!

Have a great sunday evening!

Love Jo x x x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

MUA revisited...

I'm really sorry i haven' been on here for awhile but i've been busy booking and planning my wedding for next year!!! anyway here is a more detailed review of the MUA products i have.

Beware this is long :)

I know i’ve already posted a review/haul of the MUA products i bought but i wasn’t happy with it, not the products, the review :D. As you may know, if your new to youtube(like me) you’re only allowed a video less than 10 minutes which goes really quickly when you have so much to say about so many products so i thought MUA deserved a more indepth review. So here i go...

In my hunt for makeup deals and beauty steals I have come across hundreds of brands some expensive, some cheap but the quality varied as much as the prices and my ‘mission statement’ didn’t say I wanted to show you really great makeup that you needed to take out a loan for, or cheap make up that wouldn’t look right because it was ‘cheap and nasty’. Well I’ve already shown you my various ELF hauls and the great quality products they sell but can we do one better? I was ready to believe not until Make Up Academy (MUA as they are known) kept popping up on other peoples blogs so i headed over to their Facebook page and asked the MUA fans what they recommended. I got a few replies and it seemed everyone liked different things so i went to my local Superdrug and picked up a selection of products.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Makeup Academy they are a relatively new cosmetics company currently sold in Superdrug the difference between this company and others is the price, everything in the MUA collection is only £1!!!!!! No they aren’t on sale this is the original price! They also have a pro range which costs alittle more but only a little (£4.50 for a huge eyeshadow palette!) but i haven’t found any in the superdrug stores in sheffield yet, the search continues...

I was instantly drawn to the large range of eyeshadows which are all in round clear clamshell style packages so you can easily identify the colour of the shadow. The shadows come in pearl which are cute sparkle packed colours and matte which are pretty self explanitory. I have a thing for shadows so i picked several of the cute colours, they don’t have names which is a shame as this adds a fun element to product but a rose by any other name and all that. Instead they are known by weither they are pearl or matte and their shade number, so far i have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9,10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18 and 20 :)

Because of the high sparkle content i’d suggest patting the colour on with a finger and lightly blending with a brush at the end if required. This will ensure you keep as much product on your eyes and less under your eyes and on your cheeks! I have to admit after being stung before by cheap products i wasn’t expecting much but these eyeshadows are honestly amazing! I’ve applied them with and without any primer underneath and you wouldn’t believe the results! These are the looks i created with the MUA eyeshadows. (tutorials coming soon)
with Urban Decay primer potion.

Brush application.

No primer, applied with fingers- pretty neat eh?

Moving on to Mascara i chose the black and the aqua blue. The tubes are coloured to match the colour inside i love that when you take the wand from the barrel you can see tiny length building fibres in the product. These mascaras are clump free lash separating amazing for a quid! I adore the blue :)

Next up is the lipsticks I picked up 3 of the shades , , , . I usually use Urban decay and Too Face lipsticks but these are just as good, they have a wide range of colours so there will be something to suit everyone. The lipstick is easy to apply, it’s highly pigmented and feels nice on the lips it’s not drying but it’s not greasy or waxy either like cheap lipstick usually is. It lasted a few hours before a touch up was required. I also like how the end of the tube has a colour window so you can see what the exact colour looks like which I think is useful if you have a few of them or a huge make up collection you can stand them upside down so these windows are visible making selection easier (if you have a few Barry M lipsticks you’ll know that finding the shade you want often involves opening them all)

Lipglosses are also available in juicy tube or tube and wand styles. i chose shade 2 & _ in the wand style and i really liked the shade _ it was really pigmented which great but i found that it feathered a little which i think most glosses do but it's more noticeable as the pigment is more dense in this gloss, i found that this can be solved by lining the lips with something like the Toofaced borderline pencil.

The shade _ gloss was a little disappointing as i assumed it would be as pigmented as shade _ but it's more translucent with a slight rosey tint which is fine but not what i expected. I also tried shade_ in the juicy tube gloss which is a gorgeous natural golden colour and i love it on its own or ontop of a lipstick but i think it would look great on it's own for summer look. Both kinds of glosses are not greasy and non sticky.

Smells/tastes yummy too!

My favourite product from the range has to be the facepowder mainly because it's usually so damn expensive and this one is only £1. It's great for if a light coverage is what your after this is the product for you. I wear this everyday and it doesn't dry my skin or clog my pores. The shades are limited but maybe in time this will change. i use Shade one (i love it so much i've bought a back up already even though i won't need it for awhile) i've also picked up shade 2 for the summer when my skin gets a little more colour.
The compact doesn't come with a brush or a sponge but because the product is so good  its not really an issue.

And last but by no means least the blushes! I've managed to finally get my mitts on shade 1, 2 and 3 it took me along time because this brand is popular it sells out fast (i think that happens when you sell good products for a quid)  all three are lovely and natural and you can be subtle or bold with them as you can build the colour up easily. i've notived that the blushes know have 'MUA' embossed into the powder now which is a cute extra touch.

The Makeup Academy also sell bronzers, eye dusts, eyeliners, glitterliners, liquid liner and nail varnishes aswell as a Brand new Pro range however due stocking issues and popularity i haven't been able to find any in the Superdrug stores in my area.

One more thing i really admire about these cosmetics is the effort that has gone into product hygiene. every eyeshadow has a cellotape seal and every lipstick, mascara, blusher, lipgloss and face powder are shrink wrapped in plastic so you know if someone has tampered with the product before you buy it. It doesn't sound like such a big deal but i personally like the reassurance i get from knowing i won't get a coldsore or an eye infection from someone who has opened and used the producted before i've bought it.

So if you've stuck with me this far thank you for reading and i hope you give MUA a go. I've really enjoyed trying the products and making looks for under £5. Think face powder, mascara, 2 eyeshadows and a gloss. Go for it :D

If you've enjoyed this haul/review please share me with your friends.

Love Jo x x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Something new

Hey guys, I thought i'd try something new i'm not sure i'm really youtube material but i fancied a change and i might use youtube in the future just for tutorials.

Love Jo x x x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Everyone loves Magazine freebies like this!

Hey guys!
Just a quick heads up about this months Glamour magazine (if you've not already seen it) it's only £2 and it comes with either a posietint, Benetint or Highbeam all of which are a in a 4ml bottle with brush applicator in the lid. I took it upon myself to collect all three (what kind of a make up addict would i be if i didn't?) This maybe due to the fact that Benefit have a new tint due out soon called 'Chachatint' which is a mango tint.

Posietint, Benetint and Highbeam.
 Love Jo x x x

The Mascara Cronicles Part 1.

On the lash.

To me this is an essential product, my one desert island item. If you do your face and forget to apply a few layers of mascara you won’t look right just like if you don’t put any make up on and just paint a little mascara on you will open your eyes up and look awesome.
Although i use this on a daily basis I never realised how many i had and how many were on the market! There seems to be a new mascara add every couple of weeks on the TV and yeah they look amazing but anything would if you digitally enhance it to make it look better than it is or if your model is wearing false lashes in the ‘after’ picture when in the ‘before’ they were not wearing anything!  So I have decided to review the ones I currently possess and I’ll be showing you the results they give without photo shopping and without false lashes!
My naked eye.

Bourjois Liner effect mascara- Bleu 

Special feature- The idea behind this mascara is that the brush has a long bristled side for applying the product to the whole of the lashes and and a short bristled side for applying the product closer to the base of the lashes. This is supposed to give the effect of wearing eyeliner. Although the long bristles are great for separating and coating lashes I’m not sold on the ‘liner effect’ and would still apply some liner.
Packaging- Navy blue barrel tube with silver graphics and font and silver 3D ridge on the edge of the barrel(i find this helps it stay on my desk and not roll off!) . It’s simple and un-cluttered.
Product- I wanted to love this as the first blue mascara i've ever bought but as you can see in the picture it looks black not blue and looks a little clumpy so not the best mascara ever.
Maybelline Lash stiletto- Black
Special feature- Ultimate Length Mascara.
Packaging- Black square tube with a metallic red band around the bottom, Silver font.
Product- The brush has lots of bristles (always a good sign) and they jut out every which way without any kind of pattern. I like this brush it tapers off so it’s not too big to apply to the inner lashes or the bottom lashes.

Maybelline XXL pro extension micro-fibre mascara- black

Step 1

Step 2

Special feature- A double barrel mascara with a white lash extention formula on one end and a black mascara in the other end. So you can build your lashes up and then once dry you can color them with the mascara.
Packaging- Black double barrelled with gold and white font. Barrels are labelled ‘1’ which is a white micro fibre mascara that comes with a big wide spaced spiral brush and ‘2’ which is the black mascara with a smalled tighter spaced spiral brush.
Product- You can build longer lashes but it’s a pain to try and paint the base of the lashes so they sometimes end up looking white. Also takes longer to achieve results.

Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara

Special feature- Volume lifting comb mascara.
Packaging- Matte black barrel with silver font. Instead of the traditional barrel brush this mascara has a duel comb that allows you to have more control over separating your lashes and giving them a good comb through.
Product- i really like this mascara it makes lashes look groomed and clump free

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

Special feature- Long and luscious lashes in one easy squeeze. With vitamin B to promote lash growth.
Packaging- a toothpaste style tube which is silver, pink and black font. The brush is a slim wide spaced double spiral brush. In my opinion it picks up too much product and the brushes wide bristles make separating lashes almost impossible without putting more effort in than should be required. Also there isn’t a brush wiper in the top of the tube or if there is, it’s not doing it’s job right.
Product- The mascara itself is really wet and once applied it stays wet for along time( i sneezed 3 mins after applying it to my lashes and ended up with panda eyes- not the look i was after lol) The brush holds too much product so the first brush through your lashes applies way too much mascara and you have to keep brushing them over and over to get them to look less clumpy. I really wanted to love this product but it doesn't separate the lashes which is what i always look for in a mascara, However i do like how it gives you an almost doll-like lash. I love the idea of the squeezy tube so you can use all the product up and not waste any like with normal barrel marcaras but it the tube really needs a brush wiper or a better one.

NYX 1000 miles long lashes Mascara

Special feature- Super long lashes
Packaging- smooth, shiny black tube that flares at the end with silver font.
Product- I love this mascara for everyday looks as it does lengthen your lashes but not overly long the volume looks great and it stays on all day. The brush is curved to help curl your lashes too.

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

My new favourite :D

Special feature- new brush and anti clump wiper built into the lid
Packaging- smooth, shiny gold barrel with a black stripe that has ‘Volume million lashes’ written in gold. It tapers beautifully at both ends.
Product- This is the newest mascara in my collection, i wasn’t planning on buying another mascara but last week i saw a work colleague had the most amazing lashes and i asked her what she had used and this is what she recommended. I have to say I’ll be using this a lot because I love it!! It separates the lashes evenly, it adds volume and lengthens and it lasts all day! I think it’s due to the brush as it is huge and has loads of silicone bristles all evenly spaced.

Too Faced Lash injection Mascara
Special feature- Extreme thickening, tube building mascara.
Packaging- Black tube with pink font and graphics.
Product-This is my favourite mascara i've used this brand for the past 3 years and it's never let me down one coat is good for a day time look but a few coats more makes a great night time mascara.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading part one of the Mascara cronicles i shall go and write up the reviews of the next bunch of mascaras.

Love Jo x x x

To be continued...